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Erika's tweets (@beautychannel10)

* Eminence's Chocolate Mousse Masque f/ Hungary: Molto marvelous, zero gimmick w/ fine cocoa & prune juice!

* Bag of frozen peas on tired Sunday AM eyes? Priceless!
* Used a packet of sugar and some water as a face scrub & cleanser in a pitch at a hotel!

* 4 Liz Taylor: VIOLETS! Lipstick: MAC's Original Sin; Lipliner: Prestige in Raisin; Concealer (yes purple cover circles).

* Spornette's "Little Wonder Brush" teases hair into submission. Used bckstg @ oscars 4 yrs. Heart my green one!
* BY TERRY makeup makes me merry- the BEST LIP GLOSSES!

* Supermodel GISELLE tells H&M magazine SLEEP's her #1 beauty tip. Go 2 bed @ 7pm 2 look like her?
* Body Shop "Slanted" shadow brush is the ONLY one to be able 2 create Sophia Loren / A. Jolie eyes!
* Nick Arrojo has his own hair line now; his thermal protector spray is wet! How Wild! But works!

* Have to look good tonight- breaking out the Yuko Bella conditioner to assure beauty stardom.
* New Hello Kitty Eyeliners R f/ Italy, N sparkly, but not soft n silky like HK would B =( 10 4 cuteness though!
* Used Japanese beauty eyebrow razor to 86 peach fuzz from my face! Under $5 to look smoother & thinner

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Very Happy. This is my first time ordering. I would definitely order again and again and again!
This Site Rocks :) Denita R.

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