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Erika's tweets (@beautychannel10)

* Eminence's Chocolate Mousse Masque f/ Hungary: Molto marvelous, zero gimmick w/ fine cocoa & prune juice!

* Bag of frozen peas on tired Sunday AM eyes? Priceless!
* Used a packet of sugar and some water as a face scrub & cleanser in a pitch at a hotel!

* 4 Liz Taylor: VIOLETS! Lipstick: MAC's Original Sin; Lipliner: Prestige in Raisin; Concealer (yes purple cover circles).

* Spornette's "Little Wonder Brush" teases hair into submission. Used bckstg @ oscars 4 yrs. Heart my green one!
* BY TERRY makeup makes me merry- the BEST LIP GLOSSES!

* Supermodel GISELLE tells H&M magazine SLEEP's her #1 beauty tip. Go 2 bed @ 7pm 2 look like her?
* Body Shop "Slanted" shadow brush is the ONLY one to be able 2 create Sophia Loren / A. Jolie eyes!
* Nick Arrojo has his own hair line now; his thermal protector spray is wet! How Wild! But works!

* Have to look good tonight- breaking out the Yuko Bella conditioner to assure beauty stardom.
* New Hello Kitty Eyeliners R f/ Italy, N sparkly, but not soft n silky like HK would B =( 10 4 cuteness though!
* Used Japanese beauty eyebrow razor to 86 peach fuzz from my face! Under $5 to look smoother & thinner

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Very Happy. This is my first time ordering. I would definitely order again and again and again!
This Site Rocks :) Denita R.

Thank you so much for having such a great site--and such AMAZING customer service! You really go above and beyond
to make your customers happy and offer great products at super reasonable prices. I'm really impressed and have already
told my daughter about your site; I'll definitely be back! Thanks, Teresa W., Illinois.

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